Multicast Series
• Economical Solutions
• Versatile Production Capabilities
• Core Vibration or Table Vibration
• Quick Changeovers
Multicast SC120: 300 to 1200mm (12” to 48”) Diameters_x000B__x000B_1mx1m (42”x42”) Square_x000B__x000B_Up to 2.0m (6.5’) Lengths 
Multicast SC150: 300 to 1500mm (12” to 60”) Diameters_x000B__x000B_1.2mx1.2m (4’x4’) Square_x000B__x000B_Up to 3m (10’) Lengths 
Multicast SC200: 300 to 2000mm (12” to 78”) Diameters_x000B__x000B_1.5x1.5m (5’x5’) Square_x000B__x000B_Up to 3m (10’) Lengths 
Multicast SC250: 300 to 2500mm (12” to 96”) Diameters_x000B__x000B_2.5mx2.5m (8’ x 8’) Square_x000B__x000B_Up to 3m (10’) Lengths

Multicast XL
• Large Product Solutions
• Versatile Production Capabilities
• Core Vibration, Table Vibration, or Jacket Vibration
Multicast XL BC 360: 600 to 4000mm (24” to 160”) Diameters_x000B__x000B_3.6m x 3.6m (12’ x 12’) Square_x000B__x000B_Up to 3.0m (10’) Lengths 
Multicast XL SC 360: 300 to 3600mm (12” to 144”) Diameters_x000B__x000B_2.5m x 2.5m (8’ x 8’) Square_x000B__x000B_Up to 5m (16’) Lengths
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Equipment automation

Cleaning and processing products and setting ring

Maintenance system

Cement pipe testing and processing

Automatic rolling machine

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