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It can be selected according to the type of local raw materials, with 3 bins to 6 bins to choose, and the amount of multiple materials can be set in the corresponding proportion. The function is to ensure the product quality and reduce the cost. The raw materials are weighed automatically by the automatic batching system and transported to the lifting hopper, which is lifted into place to pour the raw materials into the mixer for mixing.
Screen size:50*50mm
Bin volume: 4*13m³/bin (Main Material) + 2*9m³/bin (Facemix)
Measurement accuracy & range:
1) Batcher for Main Aggregates
Measuring Range: 4*400-2000kg
Weighing Accuracy: ≤ ±2%
2) Batcher for Facemix
Measuring Range: 180-1800kg
Weighing Accuracy: ≤ ±2%
Belt Conveyor:
1) Power of Batcher for Main Aggregate: 7.5Kw+2.2kw, Belt width B800
2) Power of Batcher for Facemix: 2.2kw,Belt widthB500
Cycle Time of Batching: 40 s
Remark: Customized requirements can be made according to customer's choice of batching system.
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