Hollow Block Mould

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Hollow Block Mould
For superstructure moulds in various designs, QGM is the benchmark in terms of reliability and product diversity. Based on our strengths and skills in both Craftsmanship and modern CNC technology, QGM have the maximum positive impact on the value of our moulds.
Mould Welding Design
1) High quality wear resistant steel; 2) Tamper shoe clearance 0.5-0.8mm; 3) Holding web plate screwed and changeable; 4) Changeable tamper shoe; 5) Robust and proven design; 6) Optimal exploitation of the mould; 7) Optionally with draw sheet design; 8) Cost-effective production; 9) Traditional and proven design.
Module Design
1) Flexible design mould; 2) Tamper shoe clearance 0.5-0.8mm; 3) Holding web thicknesses and insets screwed; 4) Changeable tamper shoe. 5)结构无应力影响;6) Optional draw sheet design; 7) Case hardened (62-68HRC).
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