Offline Cubing System(reserved forklift hole)

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Offline Cubing System(reserved forklift hole)
Block-pushing cuber(reserved forklift hole)
Intelligent cuber is an intelligent block palletizing equipment designed with the patented technology of palletizing arrangement method with reserved gap. This cubing system is a special palletizing system developed for the current situation that the finished block of simple production line need to be palletized by manual with labor intensity, low production efficiency. In general, The system is independently placed near the product curing yard for palletizing the matured products on site, or it can be connected to the block production line to realize fully automatic production.
The whole machine is composed of 5 parts, such as pallet lifting device, block feeding and palletizing, CNC block counting and arranging mechanism, cubing and grouping device, banding mechanism, etc., to realize palletizing without bottom board. The whole machine adopts electric motor and pneumatic as driving power, and the electric drive is frequency-controlled, which has the characteristics of intelligence, stability, high efficiency, low power consumption and small space occupation. The advantage of this equipment production line is the overall high degree of automaticity, the whole process is controlled by computer control cabinet, which not only reduces the labor cost, but also improves the efficiency and output.
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