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Paver Mould
We can provide the high quality mould for different brand of block making machines:
Advanced steel sutting technology
1) Narrow web thicknesses feasible; 2) Optimal exploitation of mould; 3) tamper shoe clearance 0.2-0.5mm; 4) Counter-conical side wall feasible; 5) No holding grooves necessary; 6) Typical design for multilayer production machinery; 7) Optionally with draw sheet design; 8) By digitalization free surface design realizable; 9) Heatable tamper shoe design viable
Advanced material processing technology
1) Applicable to all contours and geometries; 2) Tolerances in the mould box below +/-0.3mm; 3) Tamper shoe clearance 0.2-0.3mm; 4) Precise vertical,angled and smooth side wall; 5) Demoulding easily; 6) High accuracy fit; 7) Optional draw sheet design; 8) Digitalization free surface design realizable; 9) Heatable tamper shoe design viable.
To make sure the mould durable, QGM mould has wear protection as follows:
Case hardened (62-68 HRC)
1) Mould box and tamper shoe case hardened; 2) Hardened penetration depth min.1.2mm
Nitriding (58-62 HRC)
1) Nitration of mould frame and tamper shoes (58-62 HRC); 2) Hardening depth can be as low as 0.4 mm; 3) Compared with carburized, there is almost no internal stress; 4) Small web thickness is recommended; 5 ) higher contour accuracy than case hardened dies.
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