The Wall Retaining Block Mould

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The Wall Retaining Block Mould
Whether it’s the anchorage of slopes, serve to prevent the slipping of the soil, or the design and beautification of public areas in cities and towns, or even only the herb spiral in your own garden, the applications are multifaceted. At the beginning of the planning phase, our project will assist our customers in giving the right look to a functioning system.
Mould Design
1) Advanced welded and milled design; 2) High quality wear resistant steel; 3) Tamper shoe clearance 0.5-0.8mm; 4) Tamper shoe changeable; 5) Robust and proven design; 6) Exchange moulds feasible; 7) Changeable wearing parts; 8) Hydraulic folding wall elements feasible; 9) Case hardened (58-62HRC).
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