ZN900C Concrete Block Machine

ZN900C is a model of European standard machine, which means totally strict accordance with German production technology and craftsmanship and manufactured in China. It has more stable running performance, higher block making efficiency, lower failure rate and can be widely used in municipal engineering and construction engineering and garden construction.

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ZN900C  Concrete Block Machine

Product Features

German Design - Higher Efficiency, Lower Failure Rate;
Made in China - Lower Cost, Better service.

ZN900C block machine adopts German technology, the leading technology for block machine in the world. German technology is known for its rigor and simplicity, paying more attention to the overall performance, efficiency, and machine quality.

ZN900C block machines are produced in China, strictly accordingly to German technology and craftsmanship. Compared with other brand of block machines, ZN900C machines have more stable performance, higher production efficiency and lower failure rate. In terms of performance, efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection, etc., it is far ahead of other block machines in the market.

Technical Parameters

Maximum forming area 1270×650mm
Block height 40-300mm
Cycle time 15~25S (depending on block types)
Vibration force 80KN
Pallet size 1350×700×(14-35)mm
Production per mould 390×190×190mm(9pcs/mould)
Bottom vibration 2×7.5KW
Tamper head vibration 2×0.55KW
Control system SIEMENS
Total power 45.93KW
Total weight 11.57T(without facemix device)
15.12T(with facemix device)
Machine Size 6190×2890×3030mm
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