Zenith 1500-2 Automatic Block Making Machine

Zenith 1500-2 is the top-level intelligent production equipment newly developed by Zenith, which can produce various standard concrete products, such as hollow block, paving block, interlock, paving stone & road kerbs etc..

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Zenith 1500-2 Automatic Block Making Machine

Product Features

Zenith 1500-2 stationary single pallet block machine is the latest top intelligent production equipment developed by Germany Zenith, which can produce various standard concrete products such as hollow block, interlock, curbstone and solid bricks, as well as various special concrete products & can almost meet the needs of all customers.

Zenith 1500 is also equipped with a variety of cutting-edge intelligent equipment and systems, such as the latest control and automatic diagnosis system, servo vibration system, etc., which can give all-round support to operators. In addition, various convenient and practical programs are included to control expansion devices or equipment, such as automatic rapid mold change system, various color batching equipment and indenter cleaning equipment, etc., so as to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Technical Parameters

Product Height
Max: 500mm
Min.: 50mm
Cubing Height
Max. Production Area (produced on standard size pallets) 1320*1150mm
Size of Pallet (standard) 1400*1200mm
Thickness of Steel Plate 14mm
Thickness of Wooden Pallet 50mm
Base-mix Material Bin Volume (Excl. face-mix hopper) 2500L
Machine Weight
With Face-mix Device 36T
Machine Dimensions
Max. Total Length 8500mm
Max. Total Height 4885mm
Max. Total Width 3300mm
Machine Technical Parameters/Energy Consumption
Vibration System Servo Vibration System
Vibration Table Max.175KN
Upper Vibration Max.35KN
Total Flow 540L/min
Working Pressure 160bar
Max. Power 160KW
Control System SIEMENS S7-1500, Touch Screen Console
Technology Advantage
Zenith 1500 Production Line
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