Zenith 844SC Paver Block Machine

Germany Zenith 844SC is a fully automatic stationary block machine,unique multilayer production for pavers/interlocks. Designed for products ranging from 50mm to 500mm height. When production is focused on interlocks/pavers/paving stones, ZENITH 844 is far superior to single pallet plants, concerning the price-performance ratio, duration of installation and simplified handling.

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Zenith 844SC Paver Block Machine

Product Features

Zenith 844 is an outstanding representative of the multilayer block production equipment for concrete paver, interlock and similar products in the world. It has the advantages of high performance, high output, high quality and high cost efficiency. As the research result of advanced technology of Zenith Company for decades, Zenith 844 adopts many latest technologies,such as visual menu navigation, which has the characteristics of simple operation and low maintenance cost.

Zenith 844 adopts a modular production system, and all processes from raw materials to finished products (direct handling) can be fully automatic.This machine is specially designed to produce concrete products with 50mm to 500mm heights, and can easily produce high-quality interlock/paver, curbstone and other cement block products. Compared with the single pallet machine, the palletizing of Zenith 844 finished products meets the requirements of direct transportation, which is easier in installation, operation and transportation, greatly saves time,labor and material costs, and has superior performance.

Technical Parameters

Machine Parameters
Product Height
Max 500 mm
Min. 50 mm
Max. Cube Height 640 mm
Max. production Area 1240x1000 mm
Pallet Size (standard) 1270x1050x125 mm
Base-mix Hopper Volume About 2100 L
Machine Weight
With face-mix Device About 16 T
Conveying device, operating platform, hydraulic station, pallet bin, etc. About 9 T
Machine Dimensions
Max. Total Length 6200mm
Max. Total Height 3000mm
Max. Total Width 2470mm
Machine Technical Parameters/ Consumption
Upper Vibration Max35KN
Total Hydraulic Flow 83L/min
Working Pressure SC180bar
Maximum Power Standard 50KW 66KW
Control System Siemens S7-1500(CPU317)SC
Layout of Germany Zenith 844SC Concrete Block Production Line
  • 1Cement Silo
  • 24-bins Batcher for Main Material
  • 32-bins Batcher for Facemix
  • 4Mixer for Main Material (Planetary)
  • 5Mixer for Facemix (Planetary)
  • 6Belt Conveyor
  • 7Fully-automatic Concrete Block Making Machine
  • 8Forklift
  • 9Loader
  • 10Material Stocking Area
  • 11Finished Product Area
  • 12Four-sides Block Clamp
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