Zenith 913 Brick Laying Machine

Germany-made Zenith 913 Brick Machine,the most famous egg laying brick machines for hollow blocks & solid bricks etc. building products in the world.

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Zenith 913 Brick Laying Machine

Product Features

ZENITH 913 Brick Laying Machine, Made in Germany, is the ideal concrete brick making machine for economical mass production of high quality concrete blocks & cement bricks.

Available in semi-and fully automatic execution. Outstanding performance in open area or buildings. Safe handling and well proven design principles guarantee efficient operation of ZENITH 913 brick machine, even still in decades. Different molds are easily interchangeable. The machine produces concrete bricks directly onto the ground, in lines – cycle by cycle. Running wheels of brick machine are outfitted with Vulkollan coating for protection of concrete floor. Equipped with hydraulic shunting wheel for turning of brick machine at end of production lines. More than seven thousand machines of this type of laying brick machines are in operation – worldwide.

ZENITH offers for all travellers comprehensive equipment for concrete brick handling. Cubers with special brick clamps are available. Transport of fresh concrete from mixing plant to brick making machine is preferably made with a forklift equipped with a hopper or with a special concrete loader. Ask ZENITH for the options available.

Technical Parameters

Hopper Volume 1000 L
Loader Feeding Height max. 2005 L
Max. Production Width 1240 mm
Max. Production Depth 1130 mm
Min. Production Height 175 mm
Max. Production Height 330 mm
With Mould & vibration motor 5 T
Machine dimensions
Total Length 2850 mm
Total Height max. 3000 mm
Total Width 2337 mm
Vibration system
Max.4 Mould vibrators 48 KN
Max.2 Tamper Head Vibrators 20 KN
Power Consumption with Max. nos. of Vibrators 16 KW
Technology Advantage
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