Zenith 940SC Pallet-Free Block Machine

Zenith 940 is one of the most advanced block machine in the world, fully automatic mobile multilayer production. It integrates various functions and can mass production for almost all concrete products, such as hollow block,solid bricks, paver/interlock & curbstone in the market.

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Zenith 940SC Pallet-Free Block Machine

Product Features

Universal High-efficiency Production Equipment
Fully automatic mobile multi-layer production equipment-Zenith 940, It is one of the most advanced equipment of its kind in the world. It integrates multiple functions and can produce almost all concrete products such as hollow blocks, interlock, curbstone and permeable bricks used in the market on a large scale. It is the most competitive star product with high productivity, high efficiency and low failure rate.

This machine has international advanced technology and can produce a variety of non-standard special products that cannot be produced by single pallet equipment. It can produce high-quality concrete cable trays, maintenance wells, prefabricated parts and other special products on a large scale in the most economical way. The length of products can reach 1.2 meters and the height can reach 1 meter.

The equipment has good adaptability to raw materials, and can meet the requirements of taking industrial waste residues such as solid waste and fly ash as raw materials on a large scale. The multi-layer production function of the equipment has great advantages, and the wet block stack can be directly maintained and then packaged, thus eliminating many intermediate transfer processes.

Technical Parameters

Base-mix hopper (forklift hopper loading) 1200L
Base-mix hopper (Fly bucket loading) 2000L
Face-mix hopper (forklift hopper loading) 800L
Face-mix hopper (Fly bucket loading) 2000L
Max. loading height of loading truck 2800mm
Forming area
Max. forming area 1240*1000mm
Max. forming width (ground production) 1240mm
Product height
Multilayer production
Min. height of product (produced on pallet)  50 mm
Max. height 250 mm
Max. stacking height (pallet + first layer product height) 640 mm
Low Production (production on pallet)
Max. height 600 mm
Low Production (production on the floor)
Max. height 650 mm
Directly produced on the floor
Max. height 1000 mm
Min. height 250 mm
Machine weight

Total weight of machine

15.5 T
Machine Dimensions
Total length (excluding face-mix device) 4400 mm
Total length (including face-mix device) 6380 mm
Maximum total height 3700 mm
Minimum total height (transport height) 3240 mm
Total width (including control panel) 2540 mm
Vibration system
Max. table vibration force 80 KN
Max. upper vibration force 40 KN
Energy consumption
According to the maximum number of vibration motors 48 KW
General layout of Zenith 940SC Production Line
  • 1Cement Silo
  • 24-bins Batcher for Main Material
  • 32-bins Batcher for Facemix
  • 4 Mixer for Main Material
  • 5Mixer for Facemix
  • 6Fully-automatic Block Making Machine
  • 7Forklift
  • 8 Loader
  • 9Shuttle Car
  • 10Material Stocking Area
  • 11Finished Product Area
  • 12Four-sides Block Clamp
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