With more than 45 years of worldwide experience, Zenith Formen Produktions GmbH (hereinafter referred to as ZENITH Formen) is a renowned international firm specializing in research, design and manufacturing of concrete product mould, whose head office is situated at Feistritz, Carinthia, in the sunny south of Austria. Adhering to the concept of “It is our passion to combine the shape of concrete products with our moulds perfectly”, ZENITH Formen always insists on customer-centric and is dedicated to offer the optimal and most economical and practical solutions for our customers.
It clearly goes without saying that our systems are being steadily adapted to the growing strength and capacity of modern concrete production facilities, which place increasingly higher demands on the mould design and installation. Benefit from decades of experience in concrete mould research and development, design and manufacturing, ZENITH Formen takes the lead in the perfect combination of skilled handcraft and modern CNC machine technology, which not only enhances the core competitiveness of the company but also guarantees high quality, great flexibility and high durability of each product.
ZENITH Formen has a complete customer service system which secures the best solution for the customer’s individualized and actual requirements. For instance, mould designing can adopt the most advanced welding technology as well as the screwed implementations for convenient installation and maintenance, or adopt its self-developed changeable modular system.
Our production line covers a broad range of concrete mould applications, e.g. mould for floor-layer and stationary machines, we have also acquired know-how and experience over decades in very specific fields, such as mould for Lego block, tilt stone, split block, and mould with pressure head preheating device, mould with hydraulic device, and casting mould production technologies and are therefore clearly in a position to be able to convince you with top-quality and top-solutions. In the segment of wood concrete production our customers not only benefit from our expert knowledge, but also have a competitive advantage in the market by profiting from our already approved solutions. Special moulds for small production series, even in the field of sight concrete are part of our production range as well and are manufactured by us in the usual ZENITH top quality.
In April of 2016, ZENITH Formen was incorporated into China's leading manufacturer of concrete block machine—Quangong Machinery. We share resources to achieve the goal of complementing each other's strengths. In response, while enhancing the market competitiveness of both sides, we at ZENITH are always here to provide even better products and services to global customers.
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