QGM People's unity, the firm and indomitable quality, set up a professional team of engineers, with strong R & D strength and spirit of innovation, and gradually formed its own core technologies. We have several senior engineers in our engineer team, they are the most senior engineer in the industry.
In addition, the company acquired nearly a hundred years of history of the famous German block machine manufacturers OMAG company's technologies and talents. In 2013 June, we have set up the German technology R & D center, dedicated to the global user tailored environmental protection, high-end brick factory. The company has also become the strategic partnership with America Mastermatic company. Based on the introduction of advanced technology, industry technology and experience advantage fusion itself, is applied to the design of products. Advanced gene we many devices have the European Machinery industry.
With such a powerful technical international brigades, companies in the technology reform and development on the road to sail with the wind. Based on the introduction of advanced technology, has developed a thirty with independent intellectual property rights of the high performance and high quality products, products in the forefront of the domestic brands, in the machinery industry in the field of step by step to win, becoming the only one with brick integration to solve high end operator scheme. Create value for customers is the sacred responsibility of spring! Our products will also continue to ISO quality management system requirements.
Quality Management System
【General Requirements】
1、Our company establishes quality management system according to ISO9001:2000 standard requirement to identify the process of production and marketing, etc. Meanwhile, ensuring the order and interaction of those process,and establishing quality management rules which is suitable for our company according to 5S Standard.
2、To ensure the effective operation and control of enterprise quality management system in its application, our company compiles corresponding documents and uses corresponding operation instruction and standards as support.
3、 Our company provides necessary manpower, facilities, finance and other relevant resources to support the effective operation and monitoring of those processes.
4、Necessary measures should be taken by enterprise to monitor, measure and analyze the operation process of our factory’s quality management system, realizing the goal of continuously improving those process.
【documentation requirements】
Our company establishes and maintain the documents of quality management system according to the formation process and characteristics of all the products.
1、Quality policy and target authorized by general manager and the quality manual compiled by standard requirements.
2、Document Control Procedure, Record Control Procedure, Internal Audit Control Procedures, Unqualified Control Program, Corrective Action Implementation Procedure, precautionary measures Implementation and others are compiled according to ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Requirements.
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