Integrated solution for ecological concrete block making

Carrying out the pilot project of “non-waste city” construction is a concrete action to deeply implement the decisions
and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, an important measure to build a beautiful China.

River Slope Protection Project in Bangladesh


Due to the special terrain of alluvial plains, Bangladesh has been affected by floods for years, causing immeasurable losses to the economy and people's lives and property. In recent years, the Bangladeshi government has stepped up its efforts to remediate rivers, dredging rivers and consolidating river embankments in major tributaries across the country. A number of project contractors have emerged depending on the policy of river governance.

Based on the affirmation of the quality and service of QGM equipment, more and more QGM concrete block making machines tailored for river improvement have been sent to the forefront of Bangladesh. According to incomplete statistics, dozens of QGM and Zenith special brick machines have been used in the river improvement project of this century in Bangladesh.

With the continuous advancement of river improvement projects, customers have become more and more stringent in terms of output, quality, and design requirements for embankment bricks, and they have higher requirements for the performance of block-making equipment and the efficiency of block production. This time, the old customer's attention is aimed at the company's top equipment, the German original Zenith 1500 fully automatic concrete block production line. The production line adopts the latest German standards and is equipped with the most advanced Zenith1500 block mainframe and batching mixing, dry and wet product conveying lines, finger car system, palletizing system, maintenance system, pallet buffer, pallet recycling system, etc.

At present, the production line has officially settled in Bangladesh, contributing to the construction of the most beautiful Bangladesh. I believe that in the near future, Bangladesh will welcome tourists from all over the world with a more beautiful view.