QGM Quality Control
Start with Precision, End with Perfection
QGM firmly believes: High quality start with Precision, end with perfection.
QGM adheres to the production principle of 100-1=0, strictly controls product quality, and is equipped with a number of advanced CNC manufacturing and testing equipment, mastering advanced control methods such as precision testing instruments and physical and chemical facilities. Its production and processing capabilities have always been in the forefront of the industry. QGM's components and precision parts come from global procurement, taking science as the leading factor, and continuously strengthen self-value and quality pursuit.

Quality Goal

1. 100% product pass rate
2. 2% customer complaint rate
3. 98% on-time delivery rate
In order to ensure the realization of the above quality objectives, QGM each department should meet the quality objectives as follows:
① The qualified rate of semi-finished products produced by each production workshop is 98%, and the qualified rate of finished products is 100%.
② The qualified rate of monitoring and measuring instruments in the quality control department is 100%, and the rate of false detection and missed detection is 0%.
③ The procurement department has a 100% timely supply rate of raw materials, and a 100% qualified rate of outsourcing and outsourcing parts.
④ The office should ensure that the quality system documents are comprehensively and systematically evaluated and revised every six months.

Focusing on Customer

Define a customer-focused quality management system, ensure that customer requirements are determined and satisfied, and determine requirements related to customer communication and service and product quality.


1.The company should aim to achieve customer satisfaction and ensure that customer requirements are identified and satisfied.
2.The company is responsible for communicating with customers, serving and collecting satisfaction survey information.

Work Content

1.The company aims to achieve customer satisfaction, establish and maintain a customer-focused quality management system to ensure that customer needs and expectations are determined, transformed into requirements and are satisfied.

2.The company should carefully study the requirements of customers, and accordingly should be reflected in the formulation of quality policies and quality objectives.

3.The company must carefully study and clarify the quality requirements of customers.

4. On the basis of clear customer requirements, combined with the strength of our factory, formulate product quality standards that meet customer requirements. If the customer's requirements are not clear, it must be produced in accordance with the requirements of industry standards to ensure customer satisfaction.