Integrated Solution for Permeable Bricks in Sponge City

"When upgrading the urban drainage system, it is priority to keep the limited rainwater, giving priority to making more use of natural forces for drainage, and building a sponge city with natural accumulation, natural penetration, and natural purification." - General Secretary Xi Jinping in "Central Urbanization" "Working Conference Room" speech.

In order to solve the problem of "water shortage, waterlogging and dirty water" in cities, China is vigorously promoting the construction of "sponge cities". Statistics show that from 2015 to 2016, the central government allocated a total of 40 billion yuan to subsidize two batches of pilot "sponge cities". Today, the first batch of pilot projects has been successfully concluded, and all 16 cities have passed the test.

As the "lung" function of "sponge city", permeable brick is an important guarantee for the city to breathe freely and is of great significance. QGM has been committed to the technical research and development of product environmental protection performance, including the systematic research of permeable ground. It is reported that the permeable bricks produced by the Quangong brick machine have excellent performance, and the performance has reached and partially exceeded the national standards such as CJJ/T188-2012 "Technical Regulations for Permeable Brick Pavements", JC/945-2005 "Permeable Bricks", and the products are widely used. It is applied to various municipal, square and garden landscape projects, and is gradually included in the green building materials catalogue and government procurement catalogue.

Production Process