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With the last container passing the gate, the whole goods of Sultan Salman Al Saady Est from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has been delivered, and we would be welcoming new T10 companion in KSA.So far, with this delivery, T10 has covered the major cities i.e.Riyadh, Dammam, Makkah, Jizan, Medinah,Tabuk, etc,injecting new blood into the raging-fire construction market.

Located in Riyadh, KSA,Sultan Salman Al Saady Est is a Saudi-India International construction group, covering business of real estate, construction machinery leasing, education (primary, secondary, and university), having more than 5,000 employees,sharing a high reputation among his field. And the main reason to make the order is winning the bidding of Saudi Military Camping Project (KAP4 Project), which is a national known event.

Considering of military usage of product which must has not only high density, high strength, fine surface,but also solves the problems of dust, labor working environment, waste material recycling, we QGM propose to the customer T10 main machine, which is our fist product and best seller. T10 has adopted the most advanced Germany frequency conversion technology and excellence dynamic and static table vibration system, high efficiency hydraulic system, makes most high-density and quality products for domestic and foreign customers.

The big boss Mr Nadeem also visited us in China before signing the contract, went to check each department of manufacturing, moudling, painting, cutting, welding, assembling, commissioning, spare parts warehouse,etc, and visited other block factories near QGM and learn how people run their factories in China. Meanwhile, Mr Amjad in Dammam also go with QGM Saudi branch people to Holy Makkah industrial area and visit one T10 factory there, and inquired many detailed questions. Both trip in Saudi and China reached a successful ending. And finally the customer arranged a closing meeting at his head quarter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with Chairman, project manager , purchasing manager, Technical supervisor , QGM General Manager , Saudi branch manager Jack all participated in. Going through the project detailed request, we signed together 4 set of T10 automatic block machine and 2 set of HZS-120 readymix plant for this military project. And based on common benefit , the customer purchased again 2 set of T10 plus 2 set of HZS-120 for his project in Aligarh, near Delhi, India.

Decades of non-stopping pursuit of excellence, insist of high quality, integrated solutions, QGM provides the best choice for world wide customers, and sail together with all treasured customers towards the shore of success.
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