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QGM T10 equipment will contribute to Iraq’s post-war reconstruction
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 Hawarth Est is an Iraqi-founded company, which mainly engaged in project construction, trade and other services.The company director visited China in 2013, he made the decision to purchase QGM Euro standard T10 production line after comparing more then 10 block machine suppliers in China.His engineer said, I have seen many Chinese block machines, most of them are good, but the quality of QGM T10 is the closest to Germany ones, no matter in mechanical, hydraulic or control system.Hoping QGM equipment will be more and more amazing in the future. 
     In 2013, this customer sighed the contract during visiting, and managed founds after go back to Iraq. As for the war situation during 2014-2015,customer wishes to defer machine delivery. In 2016, the situation in Iraq has eased, they decided to seize the opportunity for post-war reconstruction business. After see QGM T10 machine testing during second visiting, customer announced the inspection qualified and promised to arrange balance amount within two weeks for they are very satisfied with machine workmanship,vibration force, block quality etc.
The equipment is on the way to Anbar province,Iraq.Hoping to finish installation and commissioning soon, and make contribution to Iraq post-war reconstruction.

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