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Sri Lanka T10 Starts the Production
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The customer is one of largest construction and concrete product company in Sri Lanka. And focus on a lot of business, such as RMC, project, construction, etc.


In past two years, QGM sales manager has contacted and visited this company for many times, last year customer visited a lot of suppliers and saw a lot of running machine, including QGM, finally choose QGM T10 machine. Because QGM is most professional block machine supplier in China, especially now has Germany Zenith company and Austria Formen mould company, with strongest power and reliable after sale service. Addition, T10 is Germany Design European standard machine, though assemble in China but with best quality components, especially with cloud-service system, which quite compact their minds, in a word, T10 is best machine which price is quite less than Germany machine but quality is quite better than Chinese machine, that’s why customer choose T10.


Currently, the installation has completed, now start the production and sell the blocks. We believe in the near future, our machine will provide best quality blocks/pavers for Sri Lanka construction market, and set up best win-win relationship with local customers.

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