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----- German ZENITH Promotion Conference in Berlin
 On April 6 2017, German ZENITH, Member Company of QGM, has hold in Berlin a grand site promotion about ZN 1500 fully automatic production line, in which participated clients from more than 20 countries of Europe, Asia and North America; only local customers have been counted over 110. Dozens of experts and scholars have gotten together there to deliberate over the development tendency of global concrete block making machine manufacturing.
In the promotion, German ZENITH has exhibited ZN 1500 fully automatic production line installed and commissioned in 2016. As sophisticated intelligent concrete products making equipment, ZN 1500 maintains its leading position in the industry, not only in product design but also in tech innovation. For example it’s equipped with "servo vibration system", "hanging material feeding technology" and "fast mold changing system", which are all the most advanced in the sector.
On the site, all the participants got satisfied with ZN1500 fully automatic production line, surprised by its stable running, high speed and efficiency. In addition, to achieve on-line monitoring, remote fault prediction, diagnosis, remote control, maintenance and other functions, we apply QGM intelligent I-cloud platform to the ZN 1500 line, which won a round of applause from the customers.
It’s true that no matter in which industry, quality and innovation are always the most critical when providing products or service. Germany ZENITH has spent more than 60 years focused on the research and development of concrete block making machine technology and innovation of equipment manufacturing. At present, with over 7,500 customers in the world, ZENITH has gained high reputation and gradually become the new benchmark for the industry!
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