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QGM-Zenith Group Shines Again at the Machinery Exhibition—CTT Moscow, Russia
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From 31st May to 3rd June, 2017 Russia International Construction Equipment and Technologies (CTT Expo) was held in CRUCOS, Moscow. QGM-Zenith group appeared at this exhibition and successfully attracted many clients to visit our booth, as an international famous concrete block machine manufacturer.


CTT Expo is the biggest exhibition for construct ion equipment around Russia and Central Asia. QGM-Zenith group has attended this exhibition many times for extending the Russian market and also achieved outstanding success.


This time, not only our German sales representative but also the CEO of Zenith-Formen mould company attended this exhibition. During the exhibition, our sales representative presented the advanced technology of QGM-Zenith products from middle class to high class. Due to diversified products and high reputation around the world, we successfully attracted many professional clients from Russia, Belarus and other clients from Central Asia. After getting the news of QGM fully acquired German Zenith in 2014,clients highly praised QGM. The combination of the red for QGM, the blue for Zenith and Austrian mould became a beautiful landscape in CTT Expo.


As one of famous international concrete block machine company, QGM-Zenith group has developed Russian market for many years. Keeping the pace with the times, we provide the customized solutions for block making according to market demands. Due to the high reputation, diversified and high-quality products, QGM-Zenith group has made a great growth in the popularity in the international market.  
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