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Levering High-end Market in Egypt with Zenith 1500 Fully Automatic Production Line
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The Zenith 1500 fully automatic production line in Technocrete Company of Egypt Osmen Group has been fully installed & tested and put into production. Thus it symbolizes the successful penetration of Zenith products into the high-end concrete block making market in Egypt.

Zenith specially designed this production line based on the requirements of Technocrete. Besides the 1500 block making machine, this production line is equipped with Servo packaging system, cuber, pallet conveying and pallet buffering system. With the pallet buffering device, the cycle time of dry side and wet side perfectly matches which minimizes the waiting time and ensures the continuous operation of production line.

Zenith 1500 block making machine is fully developed by Germany Zenith Company with top intelligent production functions including all kinds of hollow blocks, paving stones, curbstones, water permeable bricks etc. The pallet dimension varies from 1400x800mm to 1400x1200mm with high flexibility and wide capability. This machine is also equipped with many leading intelligent technologies with high efficiency and low failure rate which makes it the unique high-tech product, features including:

1.       Bolt-connection design structure, all spare parts could be replaced in short period;

2.     Equipped with Servo vibration system, Germany Siemens PLC intelligent interaction system to change vibration amplitude and frequency for automatic adjustment of vibration force and speed. Message interaction between frequency converter and servo motor to realize high accuracy control.

3.       Quick mould changing system: the mould of 1500 weigh approximately 1 tone, yet the mould change only takes 7-10 minutes with the support of quick mould changing system.

4.       Equipped with Intelligent equipment cloud service platform control system. The cloud service platform could realize online inspection and warningremote diagnose and maintenance functions; Through Cloud Service Platform, QGM could realize fast reaction and provide solution within short period to save maintenance cost; Data collection and analysis to provide customers with premium production proposal suggestion.

Osmen Group was founded in 1974, head office located in Egypt with many subsidiaries involved in housing estate, manufacturing, trading, agriculture, IT and logistics with coverage of Asia, Africa and Europe. Technocrete Company is one of the subsidiaries of Osmen Group, focusing on production and sales of concrete products, including pre-fabricated locking block, curbstone, solid block, hollow blocks etc. There are totally over 400 staff in Technocrete and its sales areas cover Al Haram, Ramadan and Ismailia and other big cities. Technocrete works with QGM Zenith based on the two considerations below:

1.       Zenith brand impact;

2.       Huge benefits the Zenith 1500 fully automatic production line would bring

The technology and after-market service along with the 1500 production line would improve the capacity, reduce cost and enhance market shares for Technocrete.

As one of the most important products of QGM Zenith, the 1500 block making machine is a critical machine that QGM promotes in global high-end market. During the first half of 2017, there are many 1500 production lines working in various countries and two 1500 production line will be installed within China mainland in the second half of 2017. Along with the expansion of channels and improvement of brand impact, Zenith would keep supplying global customers with high technology, high quality and high service additional value.

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