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At Re-Build Syria, QGM & Zenith aroused public attention
Release date: 2017-10-19    Views: 1322    News Editor: 
  Re-build was held in Damascus, the capital of Syria from 19th to 23rd September.After nearly 7 years of war, the situation of Syria becomes stable nowadays. The government of Syria pays much attention to the exhibition, the National Housing and Public Works Minister Hussein, Investment Director Inas and the Ministry of Finance, the central bank officials and other representatives have attended the opening ceremony.
    QGM with Germany Zenith attended this exhibition.Due to the advanced technology,high market share in the middle east, Germany Zenith mobile 913SC block machine become a highlight. And the T series product of QGM with European standard specification, stability and cost efficiency has highly appreciated by new and old customers. During five days exhibition, there are many visitors come to QGM&Zenith booth to gain more idea about the products. The biggest block factory “Military Housing”, which is one of the Zenith’s loyal customer said, the situation is getting better now, we will purchase more machines. 
    Syria, as a “One Belt and One Road” policy neighbor country, there is a huge demand for infrastructure once the situation is stable. This exhibition shows the high concern of investor to construction machinery, which means once civil finished,infrastructure of Syria will enter a period of rapid development. QGM from China, a “One Belt and One Road” advocate country, with cutting-edge technology from Germany,will continue contribute to the Syrian reconstruction plan.
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