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QGM Won the Best Practical Technology Award for National Solid Waste Recycling
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      On July 28th, the 4th National Workshop on Solid Waste Treatment and Resource Utilization was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu. Representatives from relevant government departments, domestic experts, scholars, local slag departments, urban management departments, solid waste associations and representatives of construction solid waste industry attended the meeting. QGM, as a leading enterprise in the domestic solid waste treatment, was also invited to participate in technical exchanges and discussions. Among them, “ZENITH 1500 automatic solid waste brick making intelligent production line” won the “National Building Solid Waste Resource Utilization” and “Good Practical Technology Award."
      Luozhen Xu, director of the Institute of Building Materials Industry Technical Information, delivered a speech, proposing that “the construction solid waste reduction and waste separation work should be the primary consideration for government departments to formulate policies/emphasis on the public welfare property of construction solid waste resource projects/to improve Building solid waste recycling, management system / to actively promote the construction of solid waste disposal of construction, leading the development of the industry, and other four major recommendations to support the use of solid waste construction.
      Youzhen Hu, President of China Aggregate Association, gave a wonderful report on some issues of recycling and utilization of solid waste resources and restoration of ecological environment. He pointed out that the current construction of solid waste, tailings, waste rock resources comprehensive utilization enterprises and abandoned mine environmental restoration enterprises must be a matter of great concern.
     Speech by Yongjun Xu, Director of the Science and Technology Development Committee of the Urban Management Law Enforcement Society of Jiangsu Province, and the National Development and Reform Commission 2030 Energy Strategy Expert and National Energy Administration Expert Yongjun Xu.
      Jianzhong Huang, deputy director of the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the former Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, gave a wonderful speech on the comprehensive utilization management and policies of the industrial sector.
      Xiaolong Liu, deputy director of the Strategic Consulting Center of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, shared the construction concept of “No Waste City” and gave suggestions on relevant policies and measures.
      “Developing urban minerals and promoting the construction of non-waste cities” is the theme of this conference and one of the hot topics in industry discussions in recent years. How to help solid waste achieve comprehensive utilization of solid waste while maintaining environmental protection and pollution, and to maintain rapid development of the enterprise, this issue has been mentioned by many people in the industry.
      As a leading enterprise in the domestic block machine industry, QGM has shouldered the responsibility of leading the development direction of the industry, and has long proposed the concept of “solid waste comprehensive utilization”.
      At the meeting, Xinbo Hong, manager of the domestic marketing department of QGM gave a report titled “Research on Comprehensive Utilization of Solid Waste and High Value-added Environmental Protection Bricks”, detailing the comprehensive utilization and secondary processing of QGM’s solid waste. High value-added product technology. In China, how to make solid waste available for use has become a key topic of concern in society. In view of the status quo of domestic solid waste treatment, the solid waste brick production line developed by QGM can comprehensively utilize recycled aggregates, fully automatic and intelligent production of new wall materials, garden landscape bricks, sponge city permeable bricks and other products. Perform secondary processing to increase product added value. In recent years, QGM’s solid waste comprehensive utilization production line has been operating in various parts of the country, including Chenzhou, Fujian, Xiamen, and Linyi, Shanxi, and has achieved good economic and social benefits.
      Adhering to the concept of “advance with the times” and the concept of environmental protection, QGM is committed to improving the quality and market acceptance of solid waste comprehensive utilization products. It also establishes a research and development experiment center to collect more than 100 samples from all over the world. The materials, including waste concrete, waste sand, steel slag, slag, etc., use these materials to continuously carry out experiments and develop new products, presenting the comprehensive strength of a brick machine enterprise with deep technical foundation.
      In addition, the QGM booth at the exchange meeting also attracted many participants to stop and watch the consultation. With advanced technology and good quality reputation, QGM's booth has become the focus of the conference.
      With the continuous development of the technology economy, QGM quickly followed the marke, constantly changing and upgrading various equipment, and effectively docking the cooperation customers of the market. Nowadays, the ZENITH 1500 and 940 machines in the spring of Germany have turned solid waste into sponge city permeable bricks, paver, garden landscape bricks, etc., and have been repeatedly recognized by local governments as a model for solid waste treatment.
      When the conference finally comes to a close, there will be a meeting in the future. QGM will work with many companies in the industry to jointly explore the future of comprehensive utilization of solid waste recycling, and add to the burden of China's construction solid waste treatment and resource utilization.
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