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Fujian Machinery Industry Federation Research Team Visited QGM to Investigate and Exchange
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      Recently, the research group of the Fujian Machinery Industry Federation visited QGM to conduct an investigation and exchange on the protection of the intellectual property rights of the enterprise and the promotion of the construction of the “Belt and Road”.
      Binghuang Fu, QGM Chairman personally received the research team and introduced the company's main products and achievements. The research team visited the Exhibition Hall, the QGM Intelligent Equipment Cloud Service Control Center and the production workshop. Among them, the “QGM Equipment Intelligent Equipment Cloud Service Platform” aroused great interest from the guests. In the control center, the guests communicated with the technical engineers of the QGM industry to understand the function of the platform and the future development direction.
      QGM intelligent equipment cloud service platform is independently researched and developed by QGM using cloud technology, data protocol communication technology, mobile internet technology, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies to collect intelligent equipment operation data and user habits to achieve online monitoring. , remote upgrade, remote fault diagnosis, generate equipment operation status report and other functions.
      To be more precise, the QGM Intelligent Equipment Cloud Service Control Center is like a busy enterprise “hospital”. By relying on the connection with distributed production lines around the world, technical engineers are able to remotely operate equipment for more than 1,000 customers worldwide. At the end of 2016, the technology won the national patent. In October 2017, QGM served the “Full Lifecycle Management” of the company with “QGM Industry Intelligent Equipment Cloud Service Platform” and successfully be in the list of national “service-oriented manufacturing demonstration projects”.
      "Advance with the times, innovation and upgrade, to provide customers with the best product service" prompted QGM to continuously innovate and upgrade themselves. In the near future, QGM will also carry out in-depth mining and sorting of big data on the production line, upgrade the platform, optimize parameters, and achieve more efficient customer service.
      It is reported that the "intelligent manufacturing, equipment first" Nan'an equipment manufacturing industry has more than 1,000 private enterprises, many high-end products are also exported to Europe, the United States and Japan and the "Belt and Road" countries along the line. The investigation team of the Fujian Machinery Industry Federation selected QGM as one of the key enterprises to conduct research and exchange, which is precisely because of the outstanding achievements of QGM in the service-oriented manufacturing transformation.
      In QGM meeting room, the research team exchanged the intellectual property protection environment and the risk aversion of “going out” with Binghuang Fu, the QGM chairman, and Guohua Fu, the deputy general manager.
      It is said that decade of grinding a sword, QGM once again proved their strength with 40 years of technology and ingenious service. While the company continues to develop, QGM actively implements the relevant policies of the “One Belt, One Road”. In recent years, QGM has acquired related enterprises in Germany, Austria, India and so on, and QGM products are sold in more than 120 countries and regions overseas. In the future, QGM will still keep the initial intentions, and will strive to contribute to Made in China 2025.
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