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The First Return Visit of Overseas After-sales Service: Nablus, Palestine
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    Since the country proposed the “Belt and Road Initiative” in 2013, Chinese companies have responded positively and strengthened exchanges and cooperation with countries along the “Belt and Road”. Among them, there is a block machine company, Quangong Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Despite the current trade contradictory between China and the United States, QGM has been affected by the microscopic effect, because QGM not only cooperates more with developing countries, but also faces the market resources of globalized countries. Besides, the company has created a sales performance of the company's blowout, and the overall growth momentum is rapid.
    In the near future, QGM overseas sales return visits have also achieved good results. Now let’s come to the first stop, Al Fareed Block Factory.
    Al Fareed Block Factory is one of the old block factories in Palestine Nablus. In October 2017, the owner Khaled told the QGM that the market demand was strong, So he needed to purchase a device with a higher degree of automation. However, due to frequent problems with the old equipment and no accessories and after-sales support, the equipment selection will be more cautious.
    Under the kind invitation of QGM staff, Khaled agreed to visit China. After visiting the factory of QGM, the customer was deeply attracted by the European standard ZN1000c equipment. Compared with other similar equipment on the market, ZN1000c has more advanced technology, more stable quality and more outstanding performance.
    The ZN1000c is known for its rigor and simplicity. It does not pay too much attention to the “flashy” design, but focuses more on the overall performance, efficiency and quality of the block. Based on this, QGM team designed the ZN1000c automatic line and off-line cubing project according to the actual needs of Al Fareed Block Factory.
    “Innovation will win”. In fact, as early as 2014, through the acquisition of Germany Zenith, QGM is developing with might doubled, which not only master the most mature pallet-free technology, but also have 6 core technologies of German block machine with frequency conversional control. However, over the years, QGM has never stopped to upgrade its equipment. After knowing that QGM had a spare parts warehouse in Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East, Khaled immediately signed the contract.
    This time, the marketers with the QGM engineer returned to visit the customer, but also ingeniously solved some small problems for the Al Fareed Block Factory. According to customer feedback, the installation of the QGM equipment has been efficient and stable, and the quality of the blocks has been well received. The customer intends to continue to purchase QGM block machine in 2020.
    Undoubtedly, QGM, as a leading enterprise in the block machine industry, upholds the spirit of artisans, which constantly changes and innovates equipment, and efficiently meets customer needs and grows with customers. In this way, QGM has won unanimous praise from the industry.
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