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QGM 丨ZENITH Z900C Machine Helps the Building of the Nuclear Power Plant in the South India.
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      ANNAI is located in Tirunelveli, India, as the biggest conglomerate there, its business includes various industries, such as hotel, restaurant, petrol station, RMC, municipal project, construction and stone crusher and so on. In the beginning of 2018, ANNAI won the government project that was to supply the block for the building of the nuclear power plant. And then, ANNAI started to investigate the equipment manufacturers of different brands in the market.
      Having been shown around the joint-venture plant of QGM, in India, and seeing how the local production line-- ZN900C worked, after having an understanding on the after-sales service and running status of the equipment of QGM in India from every aspect, ANNAI was full of praise for QGM’s attentive service and its quality equipment.
By investigating from all ways and researching in prudent, ANNAI finally chose the European-standard configuration-- ZN900C Machine, which is designed by ZENITH. 
      The ZN series machine of QGM丨ZENITH is made by combining with the design concept and manufacturing technology from German ZINITH, using “designed in Germany, made in China”to highlight its cost effectiveness. The products of this series are made in the cooperation between the Chinese technicians and German ones. Thus, comparing with the other  equipment of the same type in the market, it is more advanced in technology, more stable in operation, more brilliant in performance. 
      ZN900C is especially designed for the production of paver and curbstone, equipping with an unique pneumatic scraper that helps the cleaning of the paver and make its surface more smoothly. The adopting of up and down vibration guarantees the high density of the block, the German design of combining the static table with the dynamic table which is control by the frequency conversion system from Siemens, ensuring the high strength of the paver. At the same time, ZN900C has the advantages that include the frequency conversion, saving power, fully automatic control, effective hydraulic system and advanced industrial internet technology for remote maintenance.
      From the relevant responsible person of ANNAI, relying on the high-performance of ZN900C plus with the service concept“customer is the first”of APOLLO丨ZENITH, ANNAI is sure to supply the quality concrete block to Tirunelveli continuously.
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