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Big News and Report of QGM Delegation Europe Trip in 2019
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     From November 19th to 24th, QGM delegation including Sales Department, Engineering Department and Manufacturing Department, set out for Germany to visit some customers' production sites of ZENITH Maschinenfabrik GmbH, discussing about block making technology and future block machine technology upgrade.
     First stop of the delegation is RINN, a block-making family enterprise with over one-hundred-year history. As a family business in the 5th generation, RINN has developed into the top brand of block making in Germany with the value of quality, longevity, product diversity and professional advice. At present, RINN has owned one set of Germany ZENITH 940 and 5 sets of 865 concrete block production plant. Benefiting from high efficiency and stability of the ZENITH block machines, RINN focus on raw materials selection, production ratio and surface treatment research to achieve top brand of block making within Germany.
     RINN still chose to cooperate with ZENITH after the first purchase of ZENITH 940. In 1994 and 2011, RINN purchased other two sets of 865 fully automatic production lines.
     Under the guidance of the technical director, Mr. Afred Metz, QGM delegation visited 3 production plants of RINN and the exhibition hall of advanced concrete products, which were produced by Germany ZENITH block machines, including surface treatment such as aging, grinding and coating.
     The delegation visited FEITER after on the third day. FEITER currently has three ZENITH 844 block machines. According to the specific needs, ZENITH has adapted its local conditions to configure fully automatic 844 production lines for this customer, maximizing the customer' limited land area, achieving an 844 triple-line layout, highly praised by FEITER management.
     FEITER, a family-owned company, is now in its third generation. It is a typical customer in Germany with complete local facilities and local raw materials. Efficient production, energy saving and environmental protection, FEITER’S operational requirements coincide with the advantages of ZENITH 844. Among the three ZENITH 844, the most senior has been in FEITER for more than 20 years, and the youngest 844 is also 9 years old.
     The last destination of QGM delegation trip was BWE, who purchased ZENITH 860 in 2018. Like the company's symbolic icon, the Elephant, the ZENITH 860 has attracted premium customers for its sturdy and compact appearance and efficient production performance.
     In addition to visiting typical customer plant, the delegation also observed the production workshop of the ZENITH Maschinenfabrik GmbH. In the limited assembly workshop, the superb craftsmanship of the German industry can be seen everywhere. QGM has fully committed to move towards advanced technology standards and achieved a giant leap on its way to the China Intelligent Creation with acquisition of ZENITH.
     Since the acquisition of the Germany ZENITH company in 2014, QGM has organized the company's excellent stuff to visit Germany every year. The second delegation visited in this November, they are strongly inspired by the difference between Made in Germany and Made in China, moving further towards Chinese intelligent creation. In all, the 2019 European trip of QGM delegation was successfully finished. In the meantime, they also assist QGM to draw out the development strategy for the next step.
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