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“Hand in Hand for 40 years, Heart with Heart to Build the Future ”--QGM(Quangong Machinery Co.,Ltd) annual awards ceremony of 2019 and the company year-end appreciation banquet was held grandly.
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     On January 10, Quangong Machinery Co.,Ltd’s annual awards ceremony of 2019 and the company year-end appreciation banquet themed “Hand in Hand for 40 Years, Heart with Heart To Build the Future”was held successfully in Quanzhou Haisi Boya International Hotel. Nearly 600 people attended this event, including Company President Fu Binghuang, General Manager Fu Xinyuan, Vice-general manager Fu Guohua, Deputy general manager of technology Wu Jiashi and all QGM employees and the guests from different social sectors.
The scene of annual awards ceremony of 2019 and the banquet.
Unique wall that shows the company development history.
Inventive annual ceremony setting, heating up every attendee’s mood.
Guests arrived consistently, writing down their names on wall.
      At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the company employees arrived at the spot one after another, signing their names on the wall, marking the end of his/her annual work in 2019.
 “ Men Team of Manager” from QGM , welcoming the guests warmly.
Magnificent Drumming Performance 
General Manager Fu Xinyuan was making a speech.
     The annual ceremony unveiled itself in the sound of the drums. GM Fu Xinyuan addressed to make a conclusion of 2019 and proposed the new development plans for 2020 based on the innovation of the block machine, the property and quality of the product, informatization management and personnel training, and etc.
     “5 years, 10 years, 15 years, even 20 years.”The ceremony of awarding the old stuff with a medal truly made the summary commendation congress reach its climax.
     “To be dedicated, trying our best to create the value for company.”In QGM, there are such a group of excellent people. Thus, to thank them for their hardworking spirits , the company leaders delivered the prizes to each of them. The prizes are “Annual Newcomer”,“Most Improved”, “Outstanding Employee”, “Marketing Elite”,“Innovation on Technology” , “Annual Department”, and the recipients are followings:
      Annual Newcomer:Zhang Defa、Li Xin
     Most Improved:Chen Jianghuai、Wu Caisen、Wei Jie、Zhuang Xianhu、Zhang Qi
     Outstanding Employees:Zhu Youguang、Weng Chuanfang、Huang Dawang、Cai Guoliang、Hong Jinxun、Chen Yunpeng、Fu Qianliang、Wei Min、Wu Qingliang、Wu Jinyou
     Marketing Elites:Song Jiaqin、Fu Dihai
     Innovation of Technology:Zheng Haijun、Chen Bishu、Xie Huimei
     Annual Department:President Office
President Fu Binghuang was making a speech.
     After the ceremony of awarding,our president——Fu Binghuang made his speech to welcome the guests and say thanks to QGM stuffs, also to express the appreciation to people of all walks of life, cooperative partners and the village committees from Taoyuan Village, for all of the support they have offered to QGM. In 2020, QGM will focus on the following elements:the adjusting, planning and updating of the plants and office buildings in Fengzhou; completing the construction of the new QGM office buildings that are located in Taiwanese Investment Zone Phase 2;expanding the scale and operation of  mould plant and mixer plant; paying more attention to personnel training and the cultivation of management trainee.  Hopefully by doing all stuffs mentioned above to help QGM step into another higher level.
The excellent performance won waves of warm applauses from the audience. 
Loud and Inspiring Chorus
Emotional Recitation
Wonderful Dancing
Vivid and Rhythmed Song and Dance Drama
Humorous Sketch
     Food is delicious and colorful, guests are welcomed with tasty wine. While people was enjoying the delicacies, the brilliant shows from QGM stuffs also were performing. The inspiring chorus, the emotional recitation、wonderful dancing、humorous sketch,all of them arose the climax again and again. The overseas teams that are executing their tasks in Egypt、Bahrain and etc, expressing their wishes to the company and their colleagues by VCR.
     Besides these amazing shows, this banquet also had some funny interactive games and exciting lucky draw. “Twerk, Magic Love Makes Me Wanna Turn Circles, Sleep Dragon Eats Candies, Passing Flour with Poker...”Each game seems to be easy but actually it is full of mystery, attracting the QGM people to participate in the game. Moreover, the participants could get a reward no matter he/she had lost or not.
     The whole past 40 years is full of energy, because it not only marks down the course of struggle of QGM people, but also it is filled with the high spirits of QGM people. In 2020, QGM people will keep moving forward with modesty, creating a more splendid future with all of walks of society.
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