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New Project Shipment |QGM QT6 Automatic Block Making Production Line Shipped to Botswana, Helping Municipal Construction!
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Recently, our QT6 automatic block making production line has been shipped to Botswana one after another. This customer is a manufacturer with 20 years of experience and specializing in the production of hardware and concrete blocks. The equipment purchased by our company this time is mainly used for the production of concrete block for building and used in municipal construction.
Since the end of last year, our salesman has communicated and negotiated with the client on project cooperation. Due to the COVID-19, it was impossible to invite the client to visit QGM. Therefore, our salesman flexibly arranged the client to visit our local old customer’s factory, which has been running stably for eight years. The client was satisfied with the machine from QGM, and determined to choose QGM as the equipment supplier.
 After receiving the order, our shipping team began the intensive preparation work:
 The parts and equipment of QGM QT6 series automatic production line are fully independently developed and manufactured by QGM. The machine body is made of high-strength castings and welding with special materials, which is vibration resistance and has a long lifetime.
In the whole process of block making, a large amount of fly ash, slag, steel slag, coal gangue, ceramsite, perlite and other industrial waste materials are added to sand, stone, and cement as raw materials to produce concrete products with various functional categories such as outer wall blocks, inner wall blocks, decorative wall blocks, floor blocks, embankment blocks, and interlocking pavers.
This time, the strong alliance between QGM and the client will continue to make efforts for the municipal construction of Botswana. It is believed that in the future, after the project is officially put into operation, the production line will provide Botswana with more functional categories and high-quality products. The municipal concrete products, will contribute to the construction of the most beautiful Botswana!
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