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Service Upgrade Again |QGM AR Remote Operation and Maintenance Project is Formally Put Into Use
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AR Remote Maintenance and Operation

With the new generation of digital information technologies such as the Internet of Things, AR, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence gradually infiltrating into the links of production and manufacturing of the machinery industry, smart factories are gradually moving to the public vision
As the leading enterprise of domestic brick machine, QGM has adopted advanced AR operation and maintenance projects into the work of equipment after-sale, maintenance and overhaul to shorten the time of customer enterprise equipment maintenance, improve the operating efficiency of the factory, reduce the maintenance cost of our company, and improve our overall service ability.
By using augmented reality technology (AR), realizing scene sharing with voice commands, transmitting prompts, marked drawings, image documents and maintenance guidance suggestions from remote experts to the customer enterprise on-site technicians, and conducting remote maintenance and auxiliary investigation and maintenance in the form of video companionship and on-site guidance. 
AR glasses include noise-reducing microphones, high-definition cameras, display, voice recognition devices, etc., which guarantee high-quality video transmission. AR Highlights:
1. Can recognize voice in industrial noise environment
2.Compatible with personal protection equipment, can be used with standard helmet, collision cap, greatly improve the safety of maintenance personnel
3. Integrated speaker and 3.5mm audio jack for hearing protection
4. The display is equivalent to a 7-inch tablet computer with strong visualization
The customized AR platform, equipped with QGM intelligent cloud service application, has become the most direct and effective form of real-time and rapid establishment of effective communication between our sales maintenance engineers and customers' enterprise technicians. 
QGM brick machine equipment appeared in the construction waste, industrial solid waste comprehensive treatment and utilization of a line, in the "Two new and one heavy" New infrastructure construction, new urbanization and transportation infrastructure construction of water conservancy and other countries. Construction site often accompanied by high dust, high noise. And AR device is designed for industrial building, IP66 dust-proof, water-proof, resistance to fall off, High and low temperature resistance, so that it can adapt to a variety of special working environment, which also laid a foundation for its application in the brick machine manufacturing industry, but also for the QGM service upgrade laid a foundation.
Benefits of the AR operation and maintenance project introduction
1.To avoid the loss caused by long production shutdown: real-time connection and timely repair can avoid the economic loss caused by long downtime maintenance of customer enterprises.
2. Improve detection efficiency: In the process of maintenance, if the after-sales maintenance engineers of our company find problems, they can mark out the key parts, and field staff can carry out corresponding detection and analysis to ensure the accuracy of test results. 
3. Reduce personnel travel: Equipment after-sales maintenance engineer, no matter when or where, can be with customer enterprise first-line technical staff by AR equipment. Realize the review and sharing of equipment information, production status and other data and the specific maintenance process video remote guide the whole process of maintenance, troubleshooting. It can reduce the cost of business travel, Especially in the current global epidemic situation is still grim, timely solved the problem of our company's overseas equipment repair and maintenance, and effectively avoided the risk of human infection.
Based on the principle of "service and quality", QGM creates a global integrated solution operator for brick making. Before the introduction of AR operation and maintenance project, QGM has been relying on QGM intelligent equipment cloud service platform with exclusive patented technology to provide integrated operation services for global users.
Since the launch of the platform, about half of our customers' repair applications have been solved to varying degrees through the intelligent equipment cloud service platform. The average troubleshooting time has been shortened from 15 days to 8 days, the overall after-sales service efficiency has been improved by more than 40%, and the after-sales maintenance cost has been saved by more than 50%.
The platform uses cloud technology, data protocol communication technology, mobile Internet technology, equipment modeling, artificial intelligence, fuzzy neuron, big data and other technologies to collect the operation data of enterprise intelligent equipment and users' usage habits, and realize 24-hour online monitoring and remote upgrading. Remote fault prediction and diagnosis, equipment health status evaluation, generation of equipment operation and application status report, high-quality engineer team 24 hours online escort for customer production enterprises.
The introduction of AR operation and maintenance project is another upgrade of QGM to further optimize customer service process by combining remote service, an important step of deepening digitalization and intelligent transformation, and another beneficial attempt to adapt to the trend of industrial data visualization. 
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