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New Project Shipment | The Production Line of QGM QT6 Automatic Block Making Machine Shipped to South Sudan, Boosting Municipal Construction.
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Recently, QGM QT6 automatic block making production line shipped to South Sudan in succession. The customer is an enterprise specializing in the wholesale of building materials. More than 200 employees are distributed in Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and other places. Our equipment is mainly used to improve the company’s existing product line and broaden the product categories of building block for application to municipal construction.
QGM QT series automatic production line is based on QGM's 42 year’s independent research and development technology of block making machine. All parts and grouped equipment of the production line are independently developed and produced by QGM. QT series block machine has strong economic and practicality. It can use various industrial wastes such as fly ash, slag, steel slag, coal gangue, ceramsite, and perlite as raw materials, and add 8%-20% cement in the block making process to realize the production of small prefabricated products.
This block machine is widely favored by the market due to its high degree of automation, small footprint, convenient installation, short construction period, high yield, fast return on investment, and high economic benefits.
For many years, QGM has insisted on technology research and development and innovation as its core, and is committed to providing integrated solutions for the development of circular economy, new and large-scale municipal construction projects. The giant partnership between the client company and QGM would join a continuous force for the development of municipal construction in South Sudan. We believe, in the future, after the project is officially put into operation, the client company will provide more and more complete types of building materials products, and contribute its own strength to the construction of the most beautiful South Sudan ! 
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