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Madagascar State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Director: Germany Zenith and QGMEquipment Represents the International Advanced Level
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On June 5th, QGM chairman Mr. Fu Binghuang and other senior managerswarmly receiveda national news delegation composed of members from Madagascar State Administration of Radio, Film and Television(DirectorMr. Ravuazhariserved as head), nationalTV station,Afternoon News, Express, andTVPLUS TV station, accompanied by members from China National Journalists Association, International Broadcasting Station, Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Municipal Committee Propaganda Department.

The visit of the Madagascar National News Delegation to China is based on the new opportunities for China-Africa cooperation under the framework of “the Belt and Road Initiative”. The delegation almost covers all of the country's most important news agency officials, very rare in Madagascar's history and we can see they have attached great importance to“the Belt and Road Initiative”.Their visit to Quanzhou city and the enterprises located here is based on the historical origin that Quanzhouis starting point of the Maritime Silk Road and the important rolesthat Quanzhouenterprises will playin the Belt and Road Initiative construction.

ChairmanMr. FuBinghuang firstly introduced QGM and the Germany Zenithand theirinternationalizationprocess, also the economic and trade contacts with African countries in recent years, and then the delegation visited the showroom, QGM intelligent cloud service center and workshop. Mr. Ravuazhari said, “At present, the infrastructure of Madagascar is weak, and it is an important factor restricting the country’s economic development. Today we areamazed at the high efficiency, quality and intelligence of QGM and Zenithmachines, standing for the international advanced technology level, which is what we need for our country’s construction. Now we are more confident in joining China's "the Belt and Road Initiative" construction framework and promoting the development of our country. "

As the leader of domestic block equipment enterprises, QGM has takenthe Chinese brand responsibility!In recent years, QGM has been committed to the integration of the countries’construction along "the Belt and Road Initiative" line with high quality products and professional services, receiving consistent praise from the African land. With the enterprise spirit of“Dedication, Innovation, Excellence& Contribution”, QGM will keep actively exploring and making progress, contributing to the countries’ development and construction under "the Belt and Road Initiative".