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Perfect Combination of China & German Technology, QGM & Zenith 1500 fully line helps after war reconstruction in Iraq
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Years of war have caused serious damage to Iraq's economy and infrastructure. With the continuous mediation and assistance of various external forces in the international community and the joint efforts of the Iraqi government, the order in most regions has improved, and post-war reconstruction work has gradually been put on the agenda. With the signing of the cooperation document for the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”, China and Iraq have established a strategic partnership. So far, China has served Iraq’s reconstruction work in an all-round, wide-ranging and multi-level manner. At present, Chinese companies have participated the construction in oilfields, power stations, and power stations, cement plants, water treatment plants in Iraq.
ANGS was founded in 2005 with the purpose of building a more beautiful Basra city. It is currently the architectural leader in Basra. Its subsidiaries have businesses covering ready-mix concrete plants, asphalt plants, concrete block factories and many other fields. The story began in 2017, ANGS won the urban road and sidewalk reconstruction project and needed a large number of paver. Mr. Hatem, CEO of ANGS, began to collect information on block machine equipment on the market. After several visits to block machine manufacturers in Germany and China, various comprehensive evaluations and constant comparisons, ANGS choses the Sino-German 1500 fully automatic production line, that is using the main machine Zenith 1500 original from German Zenith, batching&mixing plant and handling system are made by QGM with Zenith drawing and specification.
As the most high-end block making machine on the market, the Zenith 1500 equips with the most advanced four-axis servo drive system, the main frame, and the vibration table adopts a locking screw system for easy repair and maintenance. The TIA control system jointly developed by Zenith and Siemens. The Sino-German 1500 fully line not only guarantees the speed and quality of block making, but also saves customers a large amount of equipment investment costs. It is currently a popular solution for customers in the Middle East market. Customers from Oman, Palestine and other countries have chosen the Sino-German 1500 production line.
During the continuous spread of the epidemic, in order to ensure the progress of the client's project, the engineers of QGM&Zenith resolutely set foot on the flight to Iraq. After three months of installation and commissioning, the Sino-German 1500 fully automatic production line was successfully put into production. Mr. Hatem called QGM, not only expressed his approval of the quality of the machines, but also expressed his sincere affirmation of the dedication of the engineers and after-sales team of QGM. Finally, Mr.Hatem wished that there will be more and better opportunities to cooperate with QGM&Zenith in the future projects.
With service as its belief and quality as its guarantee, QGM&Zenith will surely gain more “fans” in the reconstruction market in Iraq and contribute to the reconstruction of the beautiful homeland of Iraq.
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