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Utilization of Solid Waste|QGM was invited to participate in the third National Coal Gangue Comprehensive Utilization High-level Forum
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From July 21 to July 23, the third National Gangue Comprehensive Utilization High-level Forum and coal resource-based City Resources Comprehensive utilization and Ecological Restoration Advanced applicable Technology seminar was held in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia.
 More than 300 people from supervisors of coal mine industry, leaders of departments in charge, coal gangue comprehensive utilization enterprises, solid waste related scientific research institutions, technology and equipment suppliers and related representatives of the whole industry chain attended the conference. As the co-organizer, Mr. Wang Yang, assistant to the chairman of QGM, attended the conference and gave a speech.
On July 21, the delegates coming to the meeting, July 22, meeting in Inner Mongolia Ordos City people's government led by his speech began, the department in charge of the leadership and experts as well as representatives of various technical equipment enterprise as a special guest, around the comprehensive utilization of resources industry chain layout, enhance regional coal gangue commodities, such as industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization, The theme of achieving agglomeration development and high-quality development of green, low-carbon and circulation-related industries was shared.
As a practical practitioner of Chairman Xi's ecological development concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", as a global integrated solution provider of block making and a leading enterprise in the domestic block machine industry, Mr. Wang Yang, assistant to the chairman of our company, aimed at the current situation of large annual output and low comprehensive utilization rate of coal gangue in China, Combined with our company's coal gangue block making process, we brought the participants a keynote speech of "Comprehensive Utilization of Coal Gangue, Green Intelligent Equipment to Build a Better City". 
The speech is from the perspective of the block making, with the theme that people is higher and higher requirement for quality of living environment of the present, our company independent research and development of the green function of intelligent equipment production, diverse category concrete products with its gorgeous natural appearance and durable properties, in the landscape construction, play a more and more important role in urban construction, the brick model case of the evolution is a kind of art, For the participants, the in-depth display of our company from the project research positioning, production line planning and design, production line development and production to perfect operation and maintenance services and provide perfect integrated solution ability, to bring different cooperation solutions for the participants!
The speech received the unanimous affirmation of the participants at the same time, for our booth to attract countless consultants, among them, there are peers to come to the technical discussion, also equipment interested customers inquired on our equipment performance and the production of concrete products for detailed study.
QGM has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of environmental protection intelligent equipment for many years, taking it as its own responsibility to promote the source reduction, resource utilization and ecological utilization of coal measure solid waste, solving the problem of coal gangue and other solid waste for coal mining enterprises, and formulating the integrated solution of solid waste utilization! 
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