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New Project Shipment|ZN900C Automatic Block Making Production Line Shipped to Jilin Province for Municipal Construction
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Recently, our ZN900C Automatic Block Making Production Line shipped to Jilin Province. The client is a well-known municipal construction company, specialized in road, bridge, municipal engineering, construction of sponge city, etc. The ZN900C machine will be used for the production of high-end stone-imitation brick. The client strives to change all the bricks in the whole city into high-end stone-imitation brick.
 The ZN series adopt the advanced vibration technology from German ZENITH company. Through signal feedback, control the phase and speed of vibration, vibration frequency adjustment of the two-axis synchronous vibration servo system, has the characteristics of high synchronization, transmission of vibration force, high utilization rate of vibration force, fast working speed. It will not only enhance the strength of the brick but also guarantee the same height of the brick in the same pallet.
The stone-imitation bricks produced by our company's equipment have the characteristics of accurate size, strong wear resistance and realistic stone-imitation effect. In addition, the size and facemix layer are diversified and can be selected, and the collocation is strong. They are widely used in the construction of various municipal projects, such as paving of walking street, square road, and garden landscape, etc.
Over the years, QGM is committed to not only making brick & brick paving become a kind of art, but also providing integrated solutions for large-scale municipal projects. This time, the cooperation between the client and QGM will be contributed to the Jilin municipal construction. It is believed in the future, after the project is formally put into production, the client will provide more and more complete building materials category, which will be contributed to the construction of the most beautiful Jilin! 
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