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Breaking News | QGM Win-win Co-operation with Germany SOMMER to Promote China's Construction Industrialization
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QGM President Mr. Fu Binghuang (Left) Signed Cooperation Agreement with Sommer General Manager Mr. Alfred Strassmeier

On July 3rd (Germany time), QGM signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Germany Sommer Equipment Technology Company in his headquarters. QGM President Mr. Fu Binghuang signed the Cooperation Agreement with Sommer General Manager Mr. Alfred Strassmeier under the witness of Mr. Chen Jing (Deputy Director General of Fujian Province Commerce Department), Mr. Cui Hua (Director of European Affairs of Fujian Province Commerce Department), Mr. Wang Mingyong (Director of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation of Fujian Province Commerce Department), Mr. Zheng Jinfu (Deputy Director of Quanzhou Commerce Bureau), Mr. Huang Wumin (Deputy Director of Fuzhou Commerce Bureau), QGM & ZENITH General Manager Mr. Fu Xinyuan and other government leaders and company executives.

Sommer is a world well-known concrete prefabricated component design and implementation company. The company was founded in 1857, and began to produce prefabricated concrete components in 1960; in the year of 1999 it was renamed Sommer Equipment Technology Co. ltd. According to customer's target capacity and site conditions, all equipment and plant components can be divided into a variety of performance levels for providing the best solution of automation equipment and technology for customers. Sommer’s business scope covers many aspects: fixed demoulding production line, demoulding circular production line and the temporary site factory building with their technologies widely used around the world.

The cooperation is a microcosm of the future equipment manufacturing industry's win-win cooperation.

QGM & ZENITH group is the industry leader in the development and manufacture of block equipment, especially has a good brand reputation and marketing system in China market for 30 years. This is one of the reasons that Sommer chooses to cooperate with QGM. With the world's leading prefabrication technology, they will together promote China's construction industrialization and provide Chinese customers with concrete prefabrication technology and automatic production line suitable for the Chinese market in the future.