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Germany ZENITH 1500 Fully Automatic Production Line for River Protection Projects in Bangladesh
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Due to the special topography of alluvial plains, Bangladesh has been affected by floods for years, causing immeasurable losses to the economy and people's lives and property. In recent years, the Bangladesh government has stepped up efforts to remediate rivers, dredging and consolidating river bank in major tributaries across the country, and has achieved remarkable results. Among them, a number of project contractors have emerged that rely on the policy of river governance to rise rapidly. In this raging river protection movement, our concrete block machine has played the role of the back-end "engine", continuously providing stable, sufficient and high-quality concrete CC block for major contractors.
The second decade of the 21st century is the golden age of Bangladesh's river protection projects. Based on the affirmation of the quality and service of our equipment, batches of Quangong concrete block making machines tailored for river protection have been sent to the forefront of Bangladesh. Among them, there are many loyal and old customers who have placed orders in batches. So far, dozens of sets of QGM&ZENITH block machines have been used in Bangladesh's river protection project of this century.
With the continuous advancement of river protection projects, customers not only put forward higher requirements for the output, quality, but also put forward more requirements for the performance and efficiency of the block making machine. In the past decades, our company has been deeply involving in the Bangladesh market. QGM&ZENITH block machines have become the best choice for customers due to good market reputation and high standard quality and service. Through many years of win-win cooperation, our old customers who already have more than ten sets of QGM several German made block machines, chose our Germany ZENITH 1500 full automatic production line without any hesitation. This fully automatic production line adopts German standards, including the most advanced ZENITH 1500 main machine and batching and mixing plant, dry and wet product conveying line, finger car and elevator/lowerator system, cubing system, curing room system and pallet buffering system, pallet recycling system, etc.
The Germany ZENITH 1500 main machine adopts the most advanced servo vibration system, which can provide stable and efficient vibration force to meet the block-making requirements of various products and even large-size CC block; The main machine frame adopts the best German standard steel, the body is stable and durable; all parts are assembled in modular, high-strength screws are fastened, easy to disassemble and easy to maintain; it is also equipped with a quick mold change device, the mould can be changed within ten minutes; the operating system uses a visual touch screen operating system which is easy to operate, highly intelligent, and can truly realizes fully automatic production. Greatly improve production efficiency and minimize the impact of human factors on production.
As the most advanced and most automated block machine production line in Bangladesh at present, this production line can not only meet the needs of customers for their own projects, but also can provide other construction companies with various categories of high value-added concrete products.
Quality determines value, QGM&ZENITH will continue to provide customers with the best integrated block making solutions with high quality equipment and the best service!
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