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Product Delivered | ZN1200S Fully Automatic Production Line Made by Quangong Machinery are Arriving Hubei City for Municipal Construction!
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Recently, ZENITH ZN1200S fully automatic simple production line made by Quangong Machinery are arriving Hubei City. The clients belong to a building materials enterprise. They bought this machine for producing water-permeable blocks and curbstones.
 The success of this cooperation is the result of enterprises in up and downstream sectors’ experience. The clients studied our company’s high-quality block-making equipment and technique in person. They also learned about our high-quality concrete products made by Jiangsu Zhongjing Quangong Building Materials Co., Ltd. Zhongjing Quangong adopted German RINN 120 years of block-making experience. The scale and quality strengthened their will of cooperation. Quangong Machinery has outstanding service in presales, sales, and post-sales, good reputation in the market and the most importance is our remarkable reality of block machine. The client chose us among many other companies in China.
With the assistance of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, and the Ministry of Water Resources. Hubei province is one of the first “Water permeable cities”. The ability of waterlogging prevention and flood protection are gradually rising.
We use the construction, roads, grassland, and so on as containers. They absorb and store water in the rainy season. The blocks release the water when we need it which helps to ease the urban heat island effect. These blocks also prevent the natural water systems from damaging. The new idea of build comfortable houses in water-permeable cities also brought a chance for the building material industry. The client recalibrated the strategic layout with farsightedness and moved its business focus to water-permeable construction material over traditional construction material that brought him a chance to develop.
Germany Design——Higher efficiency with lower failure rate;
Made in China——reasonable cost with better service;
International brand hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve. High-dynamic proportional valves. The valves are beautifully terrace arranged which can be adjusted in a short time. The operator can also adjust the hydraulic system to meet the demand,such as the running speed, pressure, piston travel. The whole machine works efficiently and stable
The giant partnership between the client and QGM would join a continuous force for the development of municipal construction in Hubei Province. In the future. We believe. The production line would produce a massive amount of fine, and hardy water-permeable blocks with good quality and excellent wearing quality for Hubei Province’s municipal construction, helping Hubei Province to become the leading city of the first Experimental Water Permeable Cities. 
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