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QGM & Quanzhou Liming University reached a school-enterprise cooperation agreement
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To further enhance the cooperation between the university and the company and build a bridge of communication. To provide more opportunities for students and the company and develop new methods of cultivating talents.


On November 25th, the vice headmaster Yu Dahang of Liming Vocational University, Dean Wu Yongchun of school of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, the Vice Dean Yan Guolin of school of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, and two other professors have visited the production base of our company in Taiwanese Investment Zone to discuss the plan of cooperation.


First of all, Wang Yang, assistant to the chairman, led the leaders and teachers to visit the honor wall, the block machine models, and the block samples produced by our company's green intelligent machine using solid waste in the first floor display area of ​​Area A. The School of Liming University established a deeper understanding of our company during the process of introducing corporate culture and explaining business philosophy.


Secondly, they visited our factory. At the workshop site of machine commissioning, manufacturing technology and secondary deep processing, everyone were impressed by QGM's block machine. In the ecological block center laboratory, more than 300 kinds of block making raw materials from all over the world have been tested by experiments to realize block-making from solid waste. The process of turning waste into treasure is highly praised.


Afterwards, everyone went to the chairman’s office for negotiations. Chairman Fu Binghuang extended a sincerely welcome to the leaders and teachers of Liming University. He said: “Vocational education is a bridge between science and technology and productivity, and it is a means of cultivating modern application-oriented talents. The position is also the closest education that directly links production relations with production practices. Facing modern and intelligent factories, we need institutions of higher learning like Liming University to provide us with high-quality talents."


Vice President Yu Dahang of Liming University stated that QGM is a leading company in the machinery manufacturing industry. To exchange and study and establish a teaching practice base is our school's continuous improvement of the university management system and internal governance structure, and the establishment of industry enterprises to deeply participate in universities and the new mechanism of professional construction and talent training, strengthening the organic connection of industrial chain-innovation chain-education chain-talent chain, and opening up the "last mile" between talent training and modern industry demand, is our school to further improve the construction of modern industry college an important step.


Finally, everyone went to the meeting room for the signing ceremony. At the signing ceremony, Chairman Fu Binghuang said: "Hiring, cultivating, arranging, and retaining" is QGM's performance of cherishing talents. I believe that on the stage of QGM, the students of Liming University will definitely be realizing self-worth.


This time, the signing of QGM's contract with Liming University is another vivid case of further deepening the school-enterprise cooperation relationship and promoting the in-depth integration of production, teaching and research. In the future, QGM will further integrate resources with the school to cultivate and introduce mass high-quality, application-oriented, compound-oriented, and innovative talents required by block making equipment manufacturing. And provide intellectual support for the comprehensive promotion of the company's high-quality development and the enhancement of industrial service capabilities.

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