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Rust Based on Quality! A Letter of Thanks from China Road and Bridge Corporation
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On August 3rd, QGM received a letter of thanks from China Road and Bridge Corporation, the contractor of Mombasa Nairobi Railway.

QGM T10 Contributing to Mombasa Nairobi Railway Construction is Highly Acclaimed

The total length of Mombasa Nairobi Railway is 480 kilometers. This project was started in December, 2014, built by China Road and Bridge Corporation and will be officially opened on May 31, 2017. It is the largest infrastructure project since Kenya's independence. It is the early harvest of “The Belt and Road Initiative” and “The ten cooperation plans” proposed in China-Africa Cooperation Forum Johannesburg Summit. It is also the symbolic project of “The Three Networks and Industrialization” and capacity cooperation between China and Africa.

In the letter, China Road and Bridge Corporation wrote, “Your company has maintained a full range and high-quality service attitude since the machine (T10) started operation, offering great help to the project. The after-sales service technicians provided a professional training to our operators and workers, patiently answer the questions with serious attitude.”

When it comes to the T10 block machine, China Road and Bridge Corporation gave us highly appreciation, “the machine (T10) gives strong support to us and guarantees the smooth construction of Mombasa Nairobi Railway and Nairobi inland port project with low failure rate and good performance.”

“Hereby we Project Department are particularly grateful to your company's after-sales service personnel and technical experts for the great technical support and help offered during the project construction period.”

Kenya has weak infrastructure but very high environmental requirements. Builders are faced with complex terrain, tortuous routes, reclamation projects and the construction of cast-in-place continuous girder of flyover and extra large bridge. Mombasa Nairobi Railway contains 98 railway bridges with the highest one up to 43 meters and the longest one up to 215 meters. The construction team not only has to overcome difficulties, but also needs the equipment with high quality and efficiency as their guarantee.

QGM-Made Equipment: The Best Choice for “The Belt and Road Initiative” Infrastructure Construction

QGM has always been committed to the development and manufacture of concrete block making machine for more than 30 years, awarded with the honors of National High-tech Enterprise, National Leading Enterprise of New-type Wall Materials Equipment, Standard Drafting Unit of China Building Materials Industry, China Industrial Demonstration Unit and China Manufacturing Champion Demonstration Enterprise etc. In 2014, QGM fully acquired Germany ZENITH, the worldwide leading manufacturer of non-pallet block machine with more than 60 years of history.

With good brand reputation, international advanced technology and high-quality products, QGM contributes to “The Belt and Road Initiative” construction in recent years. The T10 fully automatic production line participating in the construction of Mombasa Nairobi Railway combines both Germany and self-developed technology with 6 core technology of High-efficient Vibration, Frequency Conversional Control & Energy-saving, Fully-automatic Control and Cloud Remote Control etc., and wins more than 10 patents. With advanced block making technology for recycled construction waste, the machine can produce high-quality concrete products such as water permeable brick, paver and wall block etc., realizing the resource utilization of construction waste.