ZENITH 1500 Fully Automatic Stationary Single Pallet Machine
Concrete Products Machine, Basic Part, Type ZENITH 1500, operated with steel pallets
A. Heavy duty machine frame in solid welding construction
B.Tamper head and mould are guided on bars with Ø 100 mm
C.Three adjustable supporting columns
D.4 Lifting spindles for filling device I + II
E.Various equipment parts

Board Infeed Pusher :
This transport unit is designed as a slideway with hydraulically operated rack infeed that feeds the concrete products machine with boards. This system is controlled with proportional valves and digital position measurement.

Mold Restraining Device in Standard Version for Concrete Products Machine:
Mold-frame sides in solid, tension-free welded construction incl. bolted lateral mold restraining with high wear-resistant plastic components. Mold lays in the mold-frame without using bolts. Mold clamps are pneumatically operated with air bags. The contact pressure is continuously adjustable to achieve short vibration time and longer life time for the mould. Mechanically operated synchronisation is included.

Tamper Head Vibrator with DC brake
Used to achieve a quality surface of the concrete products and to assist in de-moulding. Consists of two separate vibrators with adjustable unbalance installed on the tamper head plate.
Vibrator Brand:OLI, 2x1.57 kW

Laser Level Probe
To probe the filling level within the hopper.
Brand: LEUZE

Mould and Tamper Head Encoder
Non-contact measurement incl. mountings.

Frame for Base Mix Device I for Concrete Products Machine
Installed at the base frame of the machine.
B、Feedbox is hydraulically and synchronically driven
C、Feedbox platform in wear-resistant design
Servo Vibration – Ultra Dynamic - Driven with Frequency Controlled Servo Motor

A、Vibration table in solid welding construction with rubber mounts and adjustable airbags
B、4 vibrator frames, eccentricity mechanically adjusted
C、4 motor shafts with elastic coupling
D、4 Siemens Servo Vibration Motors, 4X5.8kw, maximum vibration force can reach 200kN

Central Pneumatic Control Station of Concrete Products Machine
Pneumatic board to supply all consumers installed to the Concrete Products Machine.
Compressor to supply the pneumatic board with compressed air is provided by the customer.

Pneumatically Operated Quick Mould Change Tamper Head for Concrete Products Machine
Integrated tamper head locking releases the tamper head during the de-moulding process. Mechanically operated synchronisation is equipped.

Hydraulic Assembly of the Concrete Products Machine
Valve blocks, single valves and complete pipework for the hydraulic feed of the block machine. For the axles of fillerbox, mould, tamper head and board infeed pusher, proportional valves with integrated electornic are used.

Feedbox Encoder for Digital Measurement- Base Mix
Rotation pulse transmitter c/w mountings, etc.

Base Mix Feeding Device I for Concrete Products Machine
Standard design with independently operating pneumatic scrapers at the front and back of the feedbox. Movement of the feedbox is controlled by proportional valve. Agitator oscillates, horizontally positioned.

Base Mix Machine Hopper I for Concrete Products Machine
A、Standard design with hydraulically operated hopper flap.
B、Filling volume: 1200 l
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