AAC Production Line
1.material preparation & storage    2. milling system    3.slurry     4.cement&lime silo    5.mixing & casting sustem    6.pre-curing     7.de-moulding & turing    8.horizontal cutting    9.cross cutting    10.waste slurry    11.shelling system    12.separating    13.autoclacing     14.finished products    15.ferry car   16.bridge crane     17.separator     18.clamp machine    19.packing    20.boliling system    21.lab    22.yard for finished products
AAC Production Line
QGM designs and manufactures AAC lightweight block making plant, to meet the specific requirements of the market and customers. As a new building material, AAC lightweight block production line fulfills the demand of concrete industry, which requires to save the natural resources and protect the environment. With Germany technology and our own R&D, we provide our customers state-of-the-art AAC lightweight block making plant.
AAC is produced out of a mix of cement, lime, fly ash, gangue, river sand and aluminium powder etc., through batching, mixing, casting, cutting and autoclaving. AAC has the advantages of extremely light weight, high compressive strength, excellent thermal insulation, great acoustic insulation and high fire resistance. AAC can be produced in a large variety of sizes, from stand blocks to large reinforced panels, and it can be cut, sawn, drilled, nailed and milled like wood, making it an extremely workable product. AAC is environment-friendly and new building material.
Cutting Machine
Cutting machine is the key equipment in the AAC production line,the working principle is:the tilting hanger turns the mold 90 degrees in the air,opens the mould and takes block onto the cutting car together with the side plate.The cutting car is driven by the motors.The blocks are delivered for horizontal and vertical cutting.The cutting car will move to the hoister of semi-finished product,and the hoister loads the blocks together with side plate to the trolley.Then,they can be grouped in front of the autoclave and the cutting car will back for another circle cutting.
Technical Specificagion Of Cutting Machine
Production capacity 30-200thousand m³/year
Size 4.2×1.2×0.6m
Cutting Precision ±3 ±1 ±1
Cycle Time 6Min/ Mould
Total Power 13.5kw
Hanger For Turning and De-Molding
Hanger for turning &de-molding is one of the main equipment in the cutting process.It is installed onto the matching overhead crane and it lifts and turns the moulds through the hydraulic station.
Technical Specification of Turning & Demoulding Machine
Size 4.2×1.2m
Hoist Weight 10T
Max Travel 1350mm
Max Size Of Block L:5850mm W:2320mm H:3500mm
Sperating Moving Car
After cutting,semi-finished product hoist carries blocks to curing trolley for grouping.
Turning & Demoulding Machine
Turning & Demoulding Machine is one of the main equipment in the AAC production line.It is installed onto elevated trackway.It is made up of moving car system,guiding equipment,hanger and hydraulic system.
Ball miller is used to grind all kinds of ore and other materials in the fields of mining,building and chemical industry.Dry miller or wet miller is used as per different types of raw materials.For ball miller,there are lattice type and flowing type.
The storage tank is used to keep fly ash or sand slurry.With slow mixing system,it can keep the slurry from settling.
Jaw crusher
It can crush the materials which have compressive strength to 320Mpa.It has rough crushing and secondary crushing.It has the features of high crushing proportion,high productivity,even diameter of finished products,simple structure,stability,easy maintenance and low cost etc.It is widely used in the mining,metallurgy,building,and in the construction of road,railway and water projects,etc.
Features of jaw crussher
Simple structure; Easy operation and maintenance; High performance and stability; Low production cost; High crushing proportion.

The scaling system weighs all the raw materials and delivers to the mixer for casting.
Casting mixer
Casting mixer is one of the main equipments during the batching process in the AAC production line.After batching and scaling,all kinds of raw materials and water will be delivered to the casting mixer.After mixing,the slurry will be casted into the mold for pre-curing,through discharge butterfly valve.
Mould is the main equipment in the AAC production line.The slurry will be casted into the mould.After pre-curing and foaming,the slurry will form AAC cakes and obtain enough strengh ready for cutting.
Pre-curing room
After casting,the moulds are delivered by the hoist into the pre-curing room.The temperature inside the pre-curing room should be 50-70 degree,and the time required is 1.5-2hours.
Curing trolley
Carrier of ready-cut AAC blocks in & out of autoclaves.
Mould assembly machine
Silicate products(pre-cured AAC block) will be loaded into AUTOCLAVE to go through hydration reaction and then obtain good physical and mechanical properties.During AAC production,safety tips & attention must be paid to AUTOCLAVE.
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