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With the rapid development of industrialization in China,the need of mineral resources increases with each passing day. However, in the process of exploitation and utilization for mineral resources,the problems of resource loss and waste in this field become more and more serious. 2013 China imported 8.19 tons of iron ore,refining iron can produce several millions of tons of slag every year,which brings the problems of high processing cost and soil pollution. Slag can be processed and turn into valuable material via a variety of special processes. Slag processed can take place of not only sand and cobble,but the aggregate of concrete.
QGM absorbed foreign technology, the company searched and developed the products (QT series/T series/AAC production line),which realize the compaction of block with high-efficient vibration, effectively the use of slag for block making , reducing operating costs and achieve revenue, efficiently recycling utilization of resources.This will greatly improve the utilization of slag in China, realize the comprehensive utilization of resources significant economic benefits and social benefits. This technology can be widely used in efficiently utilization of slag for various types of ore roasting, which can be used in a multitude of applications and realize the equivalent of mine reconstruction.It is a kind of advanced and applicable technology.
Through mixing,mold pressing,caring etc ,standard block and perforated brick and hollow block and paver,even some of new building materials can be manufactured with this technology under the scientific design of concrete mixes . After second-feeding,it can produce colorful block, which satisfy the needs of various clients.The performance in the features of vibration resistance and compression and anti-freezing is higher than the traditional clay brick 30% . Blocks made by slag have the advantages of high intensity ,excellent anti-freezing,it will cause zero pollution in the process of block making ,effectively realizes the recycling of resources. This kind of block is widely used around the world as eco-friendly and energy saving building material.
Slag brick is suitable for self load-bearing wall as brick structure, frame filling wall and high-rise building filling wall with baseboard, local reinforcement and masonry foundation and other parts of the building. It is the most ideal new wall material.
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