ZN900C Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine
Vibration System
A. Vibration Table / Top Vibration
1. Vibration table consists of two parts: the dynamic table and the static table. When vibration , dynamic table is vibration, the static table is not moving. The structure is designed to effectively guarantee the amplitude of the vibration table, so as to ensure the high quality of concrete products.
2. Vibration Table using Q345B/HARDOX steel. Assembling structure, easy disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance.
3. The top vibration is installed on the pressure head frame by two vibrator, can improve the surface quality of concrete products and help to demould.
B. Vibration Motor (bottom vibration + top vibration)
4. Frequency Conversion Motor: 5HZ~50HZ (300rpm ~ 3000rpm)
5. Bottom Vibration Motor: SIEMENS, 2X7.5KW
6. Top Vibration Motor: 2X0.65KW
C. Motor work is S1 working system, the production process of continuous rotation
7. When the vibration stopped, the frequency conversion motor is still running with 5Hz at low speed in order to reduce the impact of the current.
8. Greatly shorten the molding cycle, good for demould.
D. The connection between the vibration motor and the vibration shaft is "soft connection" . Through the connection mode, when the vibration table start work, vibration will not be transmitted to the motor.
E.Vibration Damping: at the bottom of the vibration table, vibration motor install vibration damping device, so that effectively reduce the vibration table impact on the mechanical.
F. Vibration motor cooling: Air cooling device is installed at the bottom of the vibration motor, effectively reduce the vibration motor temperature rise, so that it is used in the constant temperature, prolong the motor life
Feeding System
A. Using deceleration motor 360°Multi-Shaft Rotating Feeding make it feeding uniform.
B. Feeding frame adopts the frame structure, using composite bearing reciprocating motion, the bottom plate is HARDOX resistant steel , position of the bottom plate can be adjusted;
C. Feeding system using the spring supporting scraper, prevent leakage;
D. Discharge gate is control by SEW motor;
E. Travel switch is installed in the C type steel, according to the size of a product, the position can be adjusted freely;
F. Feeding frame is provided with a feeding brush, cleaning the concrete extra material on the mould, to ensure product quality.
Face Device
A. Face Device travels driven by deceleration motor in the steel track, realizing the combination and separation with the main machine, with high stability, easy to machine maintenance and mold replacement;
B. Accurate connection with the main machine, material frame guide rail, hydraulic pressure, etc., achieve second time feeding fabric technology.
Hydraulic Station
A. Motor SIEMENS:18.5KW, quality assurance;
B, Hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve, KEDA/VTOZ brand;
C. Pipe card-nested joint: convenient installation and maintenance;
D. Multi point pressure detection point: convenient detection and maintenance;
E. Water cooling system: it can be used in high temperature area;
F. Connect motor and pump: flange connection, good coaxiality;
G. Dynamic double proportional valve: adjustable pressure and flow;
H. Constant power pump:energy saving.
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