Movable Block Production Line for Construction Waste

Movable Block Production Line for Construction Waste

The wheeled movable solid waste block production equipmentis specially designed and madefor the customerswith personalized needs of short construction period, long construction route and frequent transportation
1、 Excellent Transition Performance

The model has compact structure and covers a small area, easy and quick to install. It adopts engineering machinery wheel design to be directly connected to the truck. General highway moving speed is up to 40km/h.

2、Easy to Start with High Economic Benefits

No need to consider the construction of traditional blockmaking infrastructure and factory to greatly shorten the planning time; directly transfer among different municipal solid waste sites and start productionwith high economic benefits.

3、All-weather&All-terrain Production

Make blocks on site to reduce material transfer costs and secondary pollution of solid waste transportation. No need to worry about windy rain astherain shed is also supplied.

4、Intelligent Modular Combination

The modular design includesbatching, mixing, weighing, conveying, block making and automatic control systems, easyand convenient to assemble and disassemble; fully automatic intelligent control.


5、Solid Waste Block Making with GreatAdaptability

Specially designed for construction waste treatment and reuse with great site adaptability, possible to bewell connected with mobile crushing station and mobile mixing plant etc. to make full use of industrial waste residue, mine waste residue and building solid waste etc.

It can also be widely used in highways, water conservancy, construction and other infrastructure facilities.
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