QT10 Concrete Block Machine

QT10 is a cost-effective and high-performance block making equipment, independently developed and produced by QGM. It can efficiently produce various pavers, curbstones, earth-retaining bricks, water conservancy bricks, etc. It is widely used in municipal engineering, construction engineering and gardening construction.

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QT10 Concrete Block Machine

Product Features

QT10 is an economical equipment, independently developed and produced by QGM, which can meet the diversified production needs of small enterprises and is cost-effective. It can produce various blocks, such as exterior wall blocks, interior wall blocks, flower wall blocks, floor slabs, river protection blocks, interlocks and curbstones. The secondary (topping)feeding cart can also produce colorful paver.

The body of the equipment is made of high-strength castings and welding of special materials, with good rigidity, vibration resistance and long service life. The electrical system adopts German SIEMENS touch screen and programmable logic controller (PLC). The control system includes safety logic control and fault diagnosis system. Hydraulic components use high dynamic proportional valves, which can adjust oil volume and pressure according to different production requirements. The four-bar guide mode ensures the precise operation of the tamper head and the mould. Using table vibration pressure forming. 360° compulsory feeding, short forming cycle and reach high production efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Cycle Time 15-25S
Motor Total Power 53KW
Motor Frequency 50HZ
Vibration Force 94KN
Total Weight 15T
Machine Size 8000×4450×3000mm
Production per Mould (390*190*190mm)10 pcs/mould
(240*115*53mm)54 pcs/mould
(200*100*60mm)35 pcs/mould
Pallet size 1250×850mm
Productivity (390*190*190mm) 144,000-19,920pcs
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