Offline Cubing System
Most of customers adopt simple production line for making blocks currently. While to stack blocks manually is not only increasing the manpower, but also has low production efficiency. It is also bad for safety production management of factory. Owing to the disadvantage of manual stacking in simple production line, our company develop offline cubing system of T series block machine, which can be installed around the curing area and stacks the half-finished blocks. Offline cubing system consist of block stacking device, pallet stacking device, moving system, lifting system, conveying system, hydraulic system and intelligent control system. It can stack the dry blocks directly, which can separate blocks and pallets automatically.
Main Feature:
1.Wide range for using: T series Block Making Machine can use it for stacking all kinds of blocks.
2.It can clamp 2-mould blocks per time; The clamping device can rotate 90; It also can stack blocks crossed.
3.It can save 5-6 workers, which can save the cost of manpower.
4.Automatic operation system(Siemens PLC) is stable and easy to handle,which can increase the stacking efficiency. 
5.Clamping system is stable and high-efficiency.It can avoid damaged blocks caused by manual stacking, which can greatly decrease the defective rate.
6.Pallets returning device is high-efficiency. It can put the pallets together tidily, which is convenient for forklift to delivery pallets to automatic pallet feeder.
7.Stacking blocks mechanically, which is convenient for safety production management for factory.
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