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QGM sets up branch offices and spare parts warehouses in all over China and overseas, we provide 24/7 and all weather services for you. We have a skilled team and professional services to solve your problem, if there is any, with prompt response, technical consultation, spare parts supply, trainings, and regular visiting, etc. Expertise, professional service, and excellent customer satisfaction bring us great reputation from domestic and overseas customers.
Service guide
According to the idea of “Challenging tradition, adapting to market, integrating service and improving quality ”,QGM always take creating client value and improving service quality as the goal to carry out pre-sale, sales and after-sale service and improve the quality of service.
Pre-Sale Service:factory layout design, technical consultation, feasibility study, cost and ROI analysis;
Sales Service: installation and commissioning, operator training, electrician and mechanic training;
After-Sale Service:supply spare parts and provide after-sale services, quality warranty is one year from the date of installation.

We are the only provider of Integrated Solutions for Concrete Block Making in China.
Internet Interactive Communication Service —— fast and timely service brings us closer
Regular Visiting to Customers —— make sure each and every machine works in the best conditions
24/7 Service Guarantee —— prompt response to any problem you have, if there is any.
Archives Management —— detail-oriented and big-picture-focused, we take all the factors into consideration for you.
Sales Hotline:400 884 6789           Service Hotline:400 881 8789
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